Pension Funds Management

SDC provides pension funds for our senior citizens. We provides guaranteed returns and capital preservation for funds under management

Wealth Managment

At SDC Capital, we provide a customized investment strategy to high net-worth individuals and institutional clients 

Asset Management

SDC Capital’s Asset Management business deploys capital across multiple investment strategies in both capital and money markets

Financial Engineering and Restructuring

SDC Capital offers advisory services that undertake financial and commercial review of the subject company 

CM Fund

SDC Capital CM Fund is a collective fund for any grade income earner. Stand tall with CM Fund.

CM Fund

The CM Fund is a medium to long-term collective investment scheme established in 2007 under the Securities and Industry Law with the aim of encouraging the general public. i.e. Individuals and Institutions to invest in a systemic investment scheme in the form of mutual funds. The main aim of the Fund is to obtain a commendable composite return on investments above the GSE All-Share Index.

CM Fund seeks to provide a combination of income and growth to investors who want a flexible instrument to meet their medium-term to long-term financial planning needs at a moderate level of risk. As a balanced fund (i.e Capital and Money markets) CM Fund is also aimed at investors who want to take advantage of the benefits of both markets, that is, high returns and moderate risk. The Fund is designed to meet six (5) key needs of investors.

1. Professional Management: The professional expertise of the manager in the financial services industry is brought to bear on the management of the fund to ensure superior growth of the fund. The investor is therefore relieved of the stress of scrutinizing and management of his/her investments.

2. Reduced risk:  The Fund is well diversified through an excellent asset allocation strategy hence the investor’s risk associated with investment is greatly reduced.

3. Convenience: Through its assets allocation strategy, the investor benefits from an array of financial instruments both on the capital and money markets with a single investment.

4. Unmatched support services: The fund manager provides financial and administrative support services to the investor. Reports and continuous investment advice are provided.

5. Easy Access to your funds: You can have access to your money within 3 working days upon notification through a fair and formal procedure.

Who can invest in CM Fund?

The Fund is available to:

  •  Individuals (parents, workers, civil servants etc)
  •  End of Service Benefit Schemes for institutions, Pension Funds, Provident and Welfare Funds.
  •  Corporate institutions as a medium to long term investment diversification strategy
  • Other organizations, Churches, Investment clubs, Credit Unions, Social Clubs, Schools etc.

What are the Risks Involved?

Every investment has a risk element. Just like any other investment, CM Fund is prone to price depreciation resulting from inflation pressures and exchange rate risk due to the depreciation of the cedi.The Fund Manager has over the years used its professional know-how to minimize the risk of price depreciation. It has continuously done this by investing in high performing equities and fixed income instruments, diversifying its portfolio.

Who Manages the Fund?

CM Fund is managed by SDC Capital Limited (SDCC).

Bank Details

Name of Accout    :CM Fund Limited

Bank                   : Standard Chartered Bank 

Account Number  : 0105004288900 

Branch Name       : High Street, Accra 


Name of Account : CM Fund Limited

Bank                   : Ghana Commercial Bank

Account Number  : 1011130039540

Branch                  : High Street, Accra

CM Fund Price Trends

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Pension Fund

PENSION FUND  SDC Capital uses its experience in the industry to identify opportunity that provides guaranteed returns and capital preservation for funds under management  

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