Purchase Order

We prodived purchase order financing for SMEs that provides services for local and foreign contracts. You BUY we PAY.

Equipment Lease

We offer equipment lease for business. 

Businesses can obtain the use of a certain fixed assets for which it settles a series of contractual, periodic and tax deductible payments.

Auto lease

We provide financing for the purchase of automobiles for SMEs and other corporate institutions. Companies will have the advantages of the deploying vital resources to other pressing needs whiles SDC handles the burden of your vehicle fleet.

Call and Fixed Investments

SDC will borrow idle funds from the general public through Call and Fixed term investments which guarantees high returns and security. Our investments are very competitive and priced above treasury bill which is the industry benchmark. 

Great Track Record

SDC has over 23 years track record of providing security and high returns on investments. We are dedicated to this mission.  

Contract Pre-Finance

SDC will partner with government contractors for the agenda of enhancing infrastructure in the country by being their financial backbone. 

Our Products

Services offered by SDC Finance Limited.

Just as is the case with most financial institutions, the company trades in both liability products and asset products.

Liability products
The liability products are mainly fixed income instruments that offer fixed returns to its customers. We have

  • Call Deposit Investments
  • 91 day Fixed Income Investments
  • 182 day fixed income investments
  • 1 year fixed income investments

Although we offer very attractive returns to our customers for their investments, the safety of their investments is more important to us than the returns we offer. We strictly adhere to the prudential guidelines of the Central Bank that are designed to safeguard the investments of our customers. When we add the years which the company had operated as a discount house to the years it has been operating as a finance house, we would have over twenty (20) years of dedicated and reliable service to our customers where no deposit investor has lost a cedi of their deposits nor experienced any hiccup in getting their principal and interest back. No other Non-Bank Financial Institution has this length of track record in the business of providing a safe destination for fixed income investments for its customers. Nobody had gone wrong with us before and we assure our customers of this reliable and safe tradition of keeping the right watch over their investments.
We do so in recognition of the responsibility we have to preserve the huge reputations of our shareholders and to develop our own reputation in the process.

Asset products
The Finance House business of the company focuses on transactional financing. We use financing structures that involve taking risks on specific transactions rather than taking risks on the whole business of our customers. The cycles of transactions are more specific and easier to identify and monitor than whole business cycles. It therefore makes the associated risks more manageable.The company’s main asset products include:

  • Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) Discounting
  • LPO Finance
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Pre-financing of Government Contracts

Our customers are therefore mainly government contractors, other suppliers or service providers to government, multinationals and reputable organizations. We have developed systems that police the delivery of the contracts, supplies and services that put us in control of the performance risks and thus reduce the risks to the payment risks of government or the multinationals.

The leasing side of our business provides

  • Equipment Leases
  • Auto Leases
  • Sale & Leaseback


News Update


GOOD NEWS FOR CONTRACTORS! Are you a contractor?  Capable of winning road/building contract sizes in the region of GHC10m or more; Possess the requisite equipment required for construction; Have a good track-record in road/building construction; Have a good

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