Investment Products

SDC Finance Limited  - The safest Investment Haven!

We are the SDI with the strongest track record as the safest destination for fixed income investments. 

Investment Products

We passed the panic withdrawal regime associated with the banking sector clean-up from 2017 to 2019 with distinction by honoring all customer withdrawal requests on demand like no other SDI did. 


The liability products are mainly fixed income instruments that offer fixed returns to its customers. We have

  • Call Deposit Investments
  • 91 day Fixed Income Investments
  • 182 day fixed income investments
  • 1 year fixed income investments

Although we offer very attractive returns to our customers for their investments, the safety of their investments is more important to us than the returns we offer. We strictly adhere to the prudential guidelines of the Central Bank that are designed to safeguard the investments of our customers. When we add the years which the company had operated as a discount house to the years it has been operating as a finance house, we would have over twenty (20) years of dedicated and reliable service to our customers where no deposit investor has lost a cedi of their deposits nor experienced any hiccup in getting their principal and interest back. No other Non-Bank Financial Institution has this length of track record in the business of providing a safe destination for fixed income investments for its customers. Nobody had gone wrong with us before and we assure our customers of this reliable and safe tradition of keeping the right watch over their investments.

We do so in recognition of the responsibility we have to preserve the huge reputations of our shareholders and to develop our own reputation in the process.